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Christophe Roller, Chef of Coquelicot
Christophe, a third-generation baker, was born in a small French town Reichshoffen in Alsace region.

In his childhood he spent countless hours surrounded by flour and yeast in his grandfather Joseph's bakery.

Eager to dive deep into the Baking World, at the age of 15, he started his professional formation as Confectioner/Chocolatier, later he received Baking&Pastry Arts Degree.
Determined to share his passion with others, at the age of 25, Christophe started traveling and giving Pastry training courses to professionals around the world.

Diversity of tastes, colors, scents shaped his new vision and as a result, the idea of starting his own bakery came to his mind.
Christophe shares stories through his artworks, and Coquelicot's dessert menu is definitely the most exciting one to discover.

" Every day I sharpen my skills and look for new taste combinations. There are no rules when it comes to creating new textures and flavors. I never run out of creative ideas and always transform them into wide variety of desserts. "
"Only those who start to live their dreams can create a True Dessert."
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Our Philosophy
Coquelicot is a French word which means red poppy. Why did we choose this name?
The answer is quite simple.

In France everyone, young and old, associates this flower with joy of family holidays and the warmest memories.
During summer holidays, when sun kisses the earth, poppies in bloom turn every field and every road in a beautiful red carpet.
In order to create unique taste sensations we use only European butter, Belgian and French chocolate, authentic Italian Almond/Pistachio paste for our pastries and desserts.

We are waiting for you in Coquelicot with our warm stories.
Marvelous Poppy flower
Coquelicot's interior
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